Posted on May 25, 2022

Hi, there! I’m Thom, a software developer living on the Front Range of Colorado. I drink coffee and beer (though usually not at the same time), collect old computers and video game consoles, own a bunch of bicycles, and tinker around with electronics. I also play bass guitar in a rock and roll band and I have a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. I live in Colorado with my wife, my daughter, a dog, two cats, and a rat.

I primarily make my living doing some frontend development, mostly in Angular, and some backend development, mostly in Python. It’s probably not the least honest way to earn a wage.

About the Site

This site is built using Hugo, a static website generator writting in Go. It’s also using the Archie theme for Hugo, which I’ve made minimal changes to. Among other things, my plan is to integrate more ‘Fediverse’ type connections, including adding some ActivityPub (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc) integration. I bought the domain because I thought ‘primitive bits’ was a funny way to talk about old computers, but it’s kind of morphing into a place where I talk about whatever I’m interested in.

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To Dos

  • Update the content
  • Add a curated list of websites I like
  • Remove dates from non-blog pages
  • Flesh Out the Vintage Computers Page
  • Flesh Out the Modern Computers Page
  • Add a ‘Now’ Section to the Home Page
  • Look into ActivityPub publication (or sharing?)
  • Add a ‘Bicycle’ Section to the Home Page
  • Generate Vintage Computer Page
  • Generate Modern Computer Page
  • Write an Introduction Post
  • Add content to About Page
  • Add Mastodon Link and Add Icon to Feather.js
  • Add ToDo Section to the About Page