The Bicycle Collection

Posted on Nov 25, 2022

The first ‘real’ bicycle I ever owned was a ‘Western Flyer Dirt Duster’. It’s long gone, but these are bicycles I currently own and ride of a fairly regular basis.

Schwinn Sierra (1976)

1976 Schwinn Sierra sitting next to the house.

I found this bike next to a trash can about 20 years ago. It was completely disassembled and in pieces, but through some small miracle everything except for one widget related to the shifter was there. I was able to find the missing piece on eBay, and it’s been (more or less) running since then. It weighs…like 5000 pounds, but looks cool. I really need to investigate replacing the tires with something a bit more modern. We call it the ‘Brown Bomber’.

1993 Specialized Hard Rock

Specialized Hard Rock sitting in front of the house.

Sometime in the early 2000s my buddy Martin and I stopped by the Colorado State University Surplus Store on our way to get some food downtown. They had this sweet Specialized Hard Rock from the early 1990s with a frame that fit me well. My intention at the time was to upgrade the components and turn it into a winterized touring bike, but it’s mostly just become my beater bike. It’s fun to ride and I don’t really have to worry about anyone stealing it.

2005 Trek 520

2005 Trek 520 sitting in a hotel just South of San Francisco, CA, right before a BIG ride.

I had a 1998 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp M2 mountain bike that was the best fitting bicycle I’ve ever owned. Someone stole it off of the CSU campus from in front of the building I was working in. My friends all chipped in and bought me this touring bike as a replacement. I’ve ridden this bike across the state, across the country, across other countries. It’s a fantastic bicycle!

2014 Specialized Rock Hopper

2014 Specialized Rock Hopper out on the local trails.

When it comes to mountain biking, despite where I live (or maybe because of where I live?), I’m really a filthy casual. You may mock the Brooks saddle I have on this bike, but I will tell you unequivocally it is the most comfortable bike seat in the world.

2022 Specialized Diverge Comp

2022 Specialized Diverge Comp up above the reservoir.

This is my newest bike, a 2022 Specialized gravel bike. I picked it up because I want to get back into touring, but I really want to start doing more of the dirt roads and forest roads in the mountains west of here, which this bike is well-suited for. It’s an absolutely great ride!